Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday!! I have a song in my head!!

It is Friday morning and I have a song stuck in my head! Who remembers "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy and Tanya Tucker???
Here is the youtube link

Ok, here is another one from the 70's by Cher...remember this one?
Found another one that I loved when I was kid!
yes, I like woman who have a strong alto voice!! I can sing with them!!

Today, my friend Dawn is coming over and we are going to "power sew". Do you know how to power sew? You just sew!! You don't have lots of chatter going on...just get the work done! Go to lunch and then come back and sew more!! One thing when I have friends over for sewing, I can't crank up the music, sing and dance around my sewing room!! It really gets my creativity flowing and it is exercise for me! Anyway, it is going to be a productive day. I have to finish piecing a quilt for Quilter's World magazine. This is a neat quilt that will go to my grand daughter when she is old enough for her "big girl" bed ;o)

Tonight, my husband and I are going to have a wonderful date night. He said we are going to get Mediterranean food!!! I can't wait!! I'm so excited!

Tomorrow, our church is having the annual free to the community Fall come on over to Oakland Woods Baptist Church.

Time to get busy folks.....

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