Sunday, September 9, 2012

Allergies...and Block of the Week

Who can figure out what I'm allergic to? I can't!! The hotel we stayed at on Friday night was the Marriot of Troy, MI. I woke up every hour on the hour with a wicked sore throat! I also thought the mattress was extremely comfortable but woke up in pain from tossing and turning all night long! I just wanted to come home. And we did early. My poor husband wanted us to spend the entire day together...he had no plans as to what we were going to do...just stay together....sitting in the hotel room all day long...ummm we came home by 10:30. I got some meds in me and within a few hours I was feeling sooo much better. Last night sleeping in my bed was wonderful!
I would like to being posting a free block each month and also have a block that will be the chain in the quilt.
There are 2 different colorways and 2 different borders. If you don't like the colors, choose your own. It is meant to look scrappy. Also, if you are not into busy borders or applique, then choose a solid border.
The quilts finish at 63 x 85. The block size is 9 x 9 finished (9 1/2" x 9 1/2" unfinished). There are 18 of the chain blocks, and 17 of the other blocks, total number of blocks 35. I'm going to change this to a Block of the week, who wants to wait almost 3 years to get a complete pattern?
Applique, do however you wish, needle turn, raw edge, machine, freezer paper method....does not matter to me! The busy border in the first quilt, I will add those blocks at the end. Remember, you don't have to do either one, you can finish it with a solid border.
So, if you are interested get your fabric ready and please drop me a line for the sew-a-long Block of the week!
Happy Sewing everyone!!


  1. I think they use some seriously strong chemicals when they clean those sheets. I mean thank goodness they do, but I have a hard time putting my head on those pillows in hotels, and I don't have allergies.

  2. I don't sleep well away from my own bed either, if that is any consolation. I just read the last several posts, and wonder if you have been tested for allergies. I finally gave in and was tested, and there are medications that make life easier. I would keep a diary for a few weeks, and then make an appointment with an allergist. Life is too short to be so miserable.

    1. Thank you for suggesting that. I was tested a few years ago, but it was just for contact dermatitis. They found that I am allergic to nickel and chromium. So you are probably correct that I should go get tested for other allergens. I wanted to have such a wonderful relaxing with my hubby.

  3. Bed Bath and Beyond and other stores have motel covers/sleeping sacks you can buy and use when you travel. I forget exactly what they are called. HIH How do I sign up for the Block of the Week?

  4. Oh, I like it! The log cabin blocks make a very effective setting. Are you taking sign ups or should we just tune into your blog?

  5. Nancy, you might be allergic to feathers...if that was a down pillow and/or one of those down pillowtop bed thingies it could have been your trouble. You have my sympathies!
    And I love both settings...I'll follow along, but don't have time to actually start it right that okay?

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  7. hi i would like to be in the sew along

  8. Hi, I'd like to join in the sew along, it's a lovely quilt, I'm planning scrappy!

  9. Ok, the previous "anonymous" didn't pick up my email...I'd like to join in!

  10. Hi Nancy,

    I am interested in your quilt along block of the week/month.

    Thanks for offering,

  11. Just what I need!!!!! Another challenge.
    Please enter me for a BOW

    Stella in Ma.

  12. Hi everyone, please just follow along on the blog, there is no special sign up list. I will post the fabric requirements and the first block this an updated post...just in case you don't see this one!! lol Happy sewing!!