Monday, September 17, 2012

Sew Along Time!!

I began posting this yesterday, which was Sunday afternoon, when I realized that I was so exhausted that I was not and could not think straight. So, I saved it and figured I would post it this morning (Monday). Sorry folks, my brain was just fried!!

Hello everyone, Sorry it is the afternoon and I'm just now getting to post the Sew Along. Sunday is a very busy day for me, I had to take a nap! LOL I was tuckered out!
So here goes the first two blocks. I will put up the chain block and a single block.
Please send pictures when you can.
Eight Pointed Star
I used my Tri Recs rulers for this block.
Cut 1 strip from the light background fabric 3 1/2" x wof. Out of this strip you should be able to gt all of the back ground units.
You will need 5-3 1/2" squares. For the equal lateral triangles, using the Tri Recs triangle that matches the shape, cut out 4 light colored triangles. Now for the Right Triangles (dark units) Cut out a 3 1/2" x 22" dark strip of fabric. Fold the fabric wrong side to wrong side, so now your strip will be 3 1/2" x 11". Use the right Triangle ruler and cut out your dark triangle units. If you have never used these rulers they are worth a trip to the store!! I use them often. Instructions on how to use the rulers are included when you purchase them. Also you can go to their website and print off the instructions if you have lost yours.

For assembling the blocks: we will do the triangles and right triangles first. I lay out my units just like this for sewing. Now you can line up your fabric pieces and sew. 
The rest of the block you sew in a 9patch formation. I layout mine just like they appear in the block. Make certain your center triangle units are facing in the right direction!! 

Chain block running through the quilt:  
Alabama Variation

You will need 18 blocks

Center square: cut 2 light background strips 2 ¾” x wof, sub cut into 2 ¾” squares (18 total). Set aside
Chain squares: cut 9 strips of background fabric 1 5/8” x wof, subcut into 1 5/8” squares if you are making the dark colored logs from a variety of scraps. You need a total of 216 of these squares.
***If you are “controlling” your colors, then you will want to cut two of the background strips for each “red” strip, to make your strip sets, then you will subcut these into 1 5/8” units.
Dark colored fabrics:
You will need 2 of the same size of each log (same color) for each block.
Green: cut 2 strips at 2 ¾” x wof, cut 2 strips at 5” x wof, cut 2 strips 7 ¼” x wof. With each of these green strips, sub cut the strips into 1 5/8" rectangles. You will need 36 of each one.
Strip sets for easier piecing: (red)

Strip set 1: you will be making 2.(red) cut 2 red strip at 2 3/4" x wof, cut 4 strips of light (cream) at 1 5/8" x wof. Make your strip set light, dark, light (cream/red/cream). Press towards the dark. Sub cut your strip set into 1 5/8" units, you will need 36

Strip set 2: (make 2) Red cut 2 strips at 5"x wof, cream cut 4 at 1 5/8" x wof. Make 2 strip sets: L/D/L or cream/red/cream. Press towards the dark. Subcut into 1 5/8 strips, you will need 36

Strip set 3: (make 2) Red cut 2 strips at 7 1/4" x wof, cream cut 4 at 1 5/8" x wof. Do the same as above, you will need 36 of these units.

For assembly: you will begin working from the center out.
1) Attach 2 greens (2 3/4" x 1 5/8") rectangles to opposite sides (top & bottom) of your solid cream block 2 3/4" x 2 3/4". Press towards the dark.
2) Attach 2 reds strips from strip set 1, to sides of your unit (left and right).

3) Attach 2 green strips 5" x 1 5/8" to top and bottom, press towards dark.
4) Attach 2 red strips from strip set 2, to left and right sides.
5) Attach 2 green strips 7 1/4" 1 5/8" to top and bottom
6) Attach the last red strip set (3) to the left and right sides

You need 18 of these blocks. You can make 1 a week to ease the work, or make them all at once.

Happy Sewing!
Now I have to get to work on a quilt due to Quilter's World magazine....due next Monday and I still have to longarm quilt it! AHHHHHHH Sorry If I have made any mistakes....My brain is in a thousand places this morning!!

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