Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wanna see what I played with yesterday?

Hi everyone, yesterday I got a little curious and had to try out a method of piecing these Christmas Tree units from a customer's quilt. The pattern is free through Moda, I'm hoping the link still works!!
http://www.unitednotions.com/fp_jovial.pdf if not, please drop me a line!!

So here is what I made yesterday, I think this quilt is adorable!! And!! I wish I would have had some fun fabrics like my customer, I used what I had here. So here goes....

17" x 7

fold in half, fold is on your left

place ruler on diagonal, fold is on the left, only place your ruler this way!!

cut in half, you will use the bottom portion for your tree

I opened my triangle up to see the size, used several of my other triangle rulers to see if this could have been cut different, but none fit...so follow the instructions!!

sorry, I forgot a step!! Here you place a white background square that is 8  x 5 down, right side facing up.  The fold of the triangle (green) is where the scissors are. Place the tip of the triangle 1 1/8" away from the top of the rectangle. The raw edge of the triangle and raw 8" side of rectangle line up. Now take another 8 x 5 rectangle place on top, pin in place and sew the layers together. Yes, you will have excess hanging below your newly pieced unit....sorry, no picture, I forgot.  Open the unit and trim off the bottom excess. I pressed the seam open on the tree and added the trunk. click on the link for all the measurements. This quilt is adorable!! 
I love these blocks. Included in the pattern are 3D pinwheels also!! Just a fun quilt..now back to work!!
Happy Sewing everyone!!

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