Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy week

Sorry everyone for no posts and no sew along pics or updates. I've had a family emergency along with other things that have taken me away from the computer. I hope to be back up and caught up in the next couple of days.
Quick update: 1) talking with Gammill about something very exciting, 2) a magazine editor contacted me to ask if I can piece 2 quilts (small size) for them. Absolutely, the challenge...can't help myself...I love it! 3)Need to interject that I have some wonderful friends and mentors who are helping me....can't say what this is about but exciting 4) another exciting event for me in the quilt world.....5) I have to piece 6 quilts by the end of October.......
I was going to try to drive down to Rock Hill, SC, my home town, at the end of the month. But with all that has been going on I don't think I can afford the travel time. I might have to make the trip in December.
So.... what do you think? Do you like this quilt? Look for it in a magazine next year....I will let you know when the time gets closer!! until then.........Happy Sewing!


  1. I think it is FANTASTIC!!! So much going on, Whew you are busy. Some very exciting news you have there. I'd be thrilled to say the least :) happy day!!!!

    1. Thanks Mommarock! There is more to come in the months to follow.
      Happy Sewing!!