Thursday, September 6, 2012

It is Thursday...and....Book Review!!

This morning I was working so hard on getting the binding finished for the quilt that was due to Quilty magazine. I did not design the quilt, I just pieced, quilted and bound the quilt for them. I hope they ask me to do another one. But here is my issue: I have contact dermatitis with lets just say fabrics and battings...well I emailed the editor and told her I was working on the quilt and should have it completed by the morning. But my hands were on fire! I thought it was the flannel. I thought there might have been something, chemical?, in the fabric that was burning my hands. The editor suggested that it could be the batting. Now that makes sense. Anyone else have this issue?
Also, I was reading the back of my Roxanne's needle holder I noticed that the needles are made from Nickel! I'm allergic to nickel. No wonder I don't like holding the needle! Yes, I could use a thimble or I could use a leather wrap type of thimble...and those have chromium...which I'm allergic to also ...go figure! What is a girl to do?!
Anyone have suggestions?

Book Review: Learn to Make A Quilt from start to finish
by Carolyn S. Vagts
Every month at The Village Quilt Shop in Lake Orion, Michigan, I teach the beginner's quilt class using this book! See, my name is at the top of the book. This book is one of the easiest reading quilt books I've ever gotten my hands on! The instructions and clear and concise (easy peasy)! Oh, and quilters love pictures, we would rather look at the pictures than read, you know!  Also, there is a unique way to bind your quilt in this book. I will confess I did not even read that part of the book until recently! I was caught red handed by the author of the book (who is also the editor of Quilter's World magazine)...she asked me,  "How I teach binding?" way? Wrong answer!! I just assumed, and we know you are not suppose to do that, that everyone did their binding the same method I did. The method I'm referring to, is how you join the ends together. Now, I'm not going to give it away, you have to go check this out for yourself. The book is very reasonably priced, not expensive at all...heck, buy it just to learn this easy way of binding..there is no math to it!! No awkward sewing to join those ends!!
Another great note about this beginner quilt book is that the beginner learns how to cut properly: bricks, half square triangles (2 sizes) and solid squares.She instructs proper piecing, pressing seams correctly... There is also a list of extra tools that you just might want to have on hand.
Carolyn takes you literally from beginning to end! You complete the quilt with this book! 
Way to go Carolyn!
So, where can you purchase this book? 
Here is the link: 

Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. now you have me intrigued about binding - must buy book!!!!

    1. Yes, you must, you must, you must go buy the book! It is a goodie!