Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Monday!!

Hi everyone, My husband and I decided, while still in our pj's at 7:30 this morning that we were going to go have a morning date! How cool! Guess where we went? Home Depot!! LOL Yep, I wanted to go look at their tool bar magnets to use on my longarm, which are recommended by another longarm quilter. And I will be painting some quilt blocks on mdf soon ...this is a very cool idea! As soon as I can get started, that is after I get a head of the game with 4 quilts due to 2 different magazines....I will get started on this unique project. I'm going to call these "Porch Quilts"! I'm so excited about this!!
When we left Home Depot, we were going to go to breakfast, I was extremely hungry! We drove to several "Coney Island" diner type restaurants and they were all closed! It is Labor Day....oops! We also were going to go to Mannie's Bagel shop in Lake Orion, but it was closed too. They have the best bagels ever!! So, we ended up back in Clarkston at our usual Leo's Coney Island on Sashabaw Road. That is ok, I was so hungry that my stomach had started to devour my backbone!! Oh my goodness, those scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast never tasted so good!!
Now we are back home.
(I did purchase my supplies for my Porch Quilts! Woohoo!!)
Today I will be working on a very simple quilt for F&P's magazine Quilty. I don't know which issue this quilt will be going in, I'm just making the quilt for them, it is not my design. They needed it done quickly.
Read on ....
I heard rumor that a quilt magazine is making its way up from its current ranking and heading to the number 1 position!! Which is making the top quilting magazine a little uneasy.... Readers!! If you have not checked out Quilter's World magazine please do so!!  I love all the quilt magazines that are out thereand they all offer their own "flavor" and we can all benefit and learn from each one. So please go give Quilter's World a try if you have not. And if your local retailer that carries magazines does not carry Quilter's World, just ask them to. Or get a subscription!!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend folks!!


  1. sounds like a nice morning together ;-)

    what will you do with the quilt blocks painted on MDF? Ive wanted to try this myself.


  2. I love the idea of quilt blocks I could decorate my screened patio with!! Can't wait to see yours and also to read your book reviews.