Monday, January 19, 2009

Today is a new day

Ah, another weekend has come and gone. It is Monday morning and I am ready to get my day started. This weekend though was a sewing weekend. I had originally planned on working on Bonnie Hunter's DD (double delight) Mystery Quilt, but changed my mind. I just could not focus on the quilt piecing. Instead I began working on a couple of my UFO's (UnFinished Objects). So I put the DD quilt pieces away and pulled out my brown snowball blocks that I had pieced well over a year ago. I think it was a year ago? Oh well, the quilt top is now pieced! As soon as I finished that quilt I moved on to another quilt UFO. This one took me slightly longer than a day to work on, but alas she is finished also. Both of these quilt tops get moved from the UFO quilt top page to the must be quilted on the longarm machine and bound list!

The blue quilt is going to my next door neighbor. They are so wonderful!! The husband, Steve, comes over and plows our driveway when the snow gets too deep. Yes, we have 4 teenage boys that can do this job, but when we are busy (not at home)the task does not get accomplished. Of course you can guess that the boys are absolutely thrilled when we pull into our driveway and someone has mysteriously plowed our driveway!!! This quilt is a surprise to them, I hope they like it.

The brown and orange quilt has no home, I just wanted to make it. It is not large enough to cover up with, so it will have to go into the "hang it on the wall" category. I don't have a room for it to hang in either, hmmm what shall I do then?

My next step it to figure out which UFO to work on. After I quilt Ian's T-shirt quilt I will put these quilts on the machine. This way I can mark two quilts completely done! Aunt Chris, as we call her, will bind them for me! Yipee! I hate that job!! LOL

Till the next time,

good day!

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