Wednesday, January 14, 2009

another good morning

Good morning again, it is Wednesday morning, a very cold blustery bitterly cold Wednesday morning. The temps are in the single digits here in Michigan. We are all wishing to be down south where it is much warmer!

I decided the other night to put one of my own quilts on the longarm machine. For the past 4-5months I've been working on others' projects. I have to admit, it felt wonderful to put one of my own quilts on the longarm machine. I did not quilt anything spectacular on the quilt, just feather vines in the light background areas. It made the quilt look much much better.

Today, no sewing, no quilting. Today is our home school co-op IEW day. 5 teenage boys come over here to join my own 4 teenage boys in a history, geography, literature, writing class. We do this once a week. I love giving these boys essays! Homework!! Ahhhhhh! Today though is a special IEW day, we are going to watch the dvd "To Kill A Mockingbird". I had assigned the book to the boys in early December. Everyone of the boys has read the book so now we are going to have a movie day. Then comes the homework assignment...the dreaded ESSAY....

Back to quilting, I'm hoping to finish Dawn's quilt by tomorrow night. I have several other quilts that need to go on the machine so I can begin working on my own quilts. I have a pattern that I would like to get published. So I have to be able to concentrate on the yardage requirements. Make sure no one else has made this pattern, I don't want copyright issues. And then I have another quilt that I have found that I would like to make and see if I can adapt it to easier piecing methods. The blue, green and cream colored quilt pictured is the one I want to publish. I will post a few more pictures of the quilts I have been working on since fall.

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