Thursday, January 29, 2009

Longing for creating

This week has gone by so fast, yet not fast enough. I'm ready for the weekend to arrive so that I can go sew. I am suppose to attend two events this weekend, but thinking about staying home. One is the longarm meeting that takes all day, so no sewing again...I was unable to sew this past weekend. The second is my friend's baby shower. Which I need time to work on her baby quilt. While working on the quilt last night I discovered that 4 solid blocks were cut 1/4inch too small. I will have to cut 4 more blocks, that might mean I have to go to the quilt shop and purchase another yard of the monkey fabric...hmmm, darn have to go to the quilt shop again?! what is a girl to do?!
Tuesday was very busy day. We were gone all day to our homeschool co-op then stayed for the tryouts for Fiddler on the Roof. That was an all day event! They had over 60 kids show up for trying out. Son Joe landed the lead of Tyveha (spelling-father in the play), Chris and Steve are in the play also. Steve's role is probably going to be Sasha. Chris might attempt to play the mandelan (spelling?). He has a choice of other roles, but the mandelan he is showing an interest in.
Today we are taking our birds to the local vet for their trimming of their claws, filing beaks and trimming their wings. Then we get to head to the church for more Fiddler on the Roof. I am hoping that today's meeting will not be very long. We also have to go to Praise Band practice tonight at our church. Phew, I'm tired from thinking about our errands today, much to be done! Oh yes, I have to take Chris to get his worker permit signed at the local high school.
When my schedule fills up I tend to want to cancel everything! I hate the cold weather and I just want to hybernate! Till later....

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