Monday, May 21, 2012

Its a Monday....picture day

I have been taking some pictures throughout the last week or so and I want to share them! goes! Enjoy! First pics are of my son Steve playing King Pellinore in Camelot!
Pellinore introducing himself to the Queen
Having a glass of wine with  the King

Pellinore talking about sleeping in a real bed 

Steve is pointing a sword at Danny

Steve and Jacob (King Arthur) playing chess while Sir Lancelot continued to distract Pellinore (Steve) 

Pellinore covering Cosmo's ears so poor Cosmo can't hear what  is being said about him!

Steve's graduation pic!!
Here are some more pictures of random things that have been going on here....enjoy.....

a drawing of a quilting design I would like to do with my Gammill

Oldest son Joe, 21 years old, graduated Cum Laud from Oakland County Community College May 19, on to the next level....he will either major in Automotive Engineering or Physics!

My sister Renee made this framed calendar for me to plan out my I have to remember to use it!!

Passion Pit (side porch) all cleaned up! I'm ready to enjoy the summer!

Okay everyone, that is all that I have for your viewing pleasure. Happy  Monday!!

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