Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quiltmaker's Blog Tour

What a great day yesterday was for the blog tour! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out my blog and to participate in Quiltmaker's Blog Tour. This was my first time participating in such an event and I hope I did ok.
Several visitors to my blog thought that my block is paper pieced, it is not, it is traditional piecing....and it is easy peasy!
The quilt that I am piecing for the fall issue that uses this block will be made from Hoffman Fabrics of California! I absolutely love working with batiks! I enjoy seeing which colors will show up more and the wow you get from batiks!! ok I could go on and on about batiks.
I hope all the quilting fans will continue with the blog tour and all y'all get wonderful surprises. Please stop by again and let me know what you are working on!
Today: my oldest son Joe is getting his wisdom teeth put...all 4 of them! Poor guy, he is not going to be feeling too chipper for a couple of days. I will be working on my quilt for Quiltmaker while he is sleeping :o).
Also, another quilt I am working on is for Quilter's World magazine will be pieced from all Hoffman fabrics, but not batiks. They have a line called Antionette! I love love love french toile fabrics. This quilt was designed for a very special person that recently passed away. This quilt will be in the Dec. issue of Quilter's World. This one is very time consuming, mostly applique.....again...not revealing much about it.....

Block B for Adyline

I designed another quilt called Adyline. I'm gonna attempt to do the "leader ender" idea from Bonnie Hunter  (  on this quilt. I'm not in a rush to make this one.....I went on a fabric hunt after I designed this quilt and I have it all ready to has lots of little pieces, at least by some of my friends' standards, but hey! I'm for a challenge! I did not think there are a lot of little pieces....oh well we will see what I think of it after I begin putting this bugger together!!! I probably should add that I did not choose this color wave for the quilt....

Oh, one more plug! I have a quilt also going into Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts in the fall issue. So...look for my work!

Blackford's Beauty block
Happy Quilting everyone!  And again, thank you for stopping by and complimenting my block for Quiltmaker!! 

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  1. I like your blocks. I'll keep an eye out for the magazines your blocks will be in