Friday, May 4, 2012

Its Friday and the birds are singing!!

Good morning world, yes I'm happy it is Friday! The birds are singing beautifully and well I hardly got any sleep last night cuz of all the storms that rumbled through here. The storms did not let up until around 3:30am! Lightning, thunder, did not seem to stop...just as soon as I would doze off into a good slumber FLASH AND BOOM! LOL
Today I am working on my quilt for Quiltmaker magazine. Here is a little teaser for the quilt. This is definitely a teaser because this block is really in the shape of a diamond...oh the suspense rises!!

Also I'm hoping that today I will be able to go see 2 quilt shows. I don't think it is going to happen, but I can try. There is one in Ortonville, MI and the other is over in Macomb county. I don't remember the location, I will have to call my friend Dawn to find out. I really want to go see that one. I believe this one is put on by Macomb County Quilt Guild.

I'm not gonna let a little lack of sleep bring me down today, at least not this will hit me this afternoon!! LOL

I hope my son Joe is going to be ok today. He had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. He was in lots of pain yesterday afternoon, but then things were better by evening and last night.

Happy Quilting everyone!!


  1. Don't forget your camera for the quilt show. And my sympathies to your son. I remember wisdom teeth. Did the DDS recommend hot salt water? Helps greatly.

  2. Haha! I forgot my camera! Actually I had my phone with me, I could have taken pictures, but I did not even think about it. I always forget to do that!! I get so caught up in looking at all the creativity.
    My son and his wisdom teeth, thank you for the suggestion, and yes, they did tell him to use the warm salt water.

  3. I can't wait to see more of your quilt you're working on. Those colors look great together and I must admit, I never would have put all those together myself although it makes sense. I KNOW purple and gold go well because that was my high school colors and I know there have been some quilts I've seen with red and purple that were awesome looking too. I just never would have thought to put all three together in one block like that but wow, it looks great.