Monday, March 22, 2010

Sheesh make up my mind!

Last week I was working so diligently on the whole cloth quilt did not turn out! Now I have went through several fabric choices and I am just not happy with them. This is for the new one that I am about to begin. I really want to make these whole cloth quilts look fantastic but I need for the thread tension to cooperate with me! I'm going to do a thorough cleaning of the machine, change the needle, again, and make sure that the tension is perfect. Each new thread adds a slight challenge to the project. I think the new whole cloth will come out perfect though. I've chosen softer colors this time, a sage green and a spring green. Hopefully I will be able to pin it on to the machine this morning and sew on it tonight.
This week is extremely busy. Today, other than the quilt project I need to begin, I have the middle school students for IEW class, cooking dinner for a family, picking up the bread order, delivering the dinner and bread, coming home to prepare our dinner oh yes and eat it....then begin the whole cloth quilt.
Tuesday: Meadows co-op, drama practice, then watch the kids perform at Waterford Community
Wednesday: High school IEW class, church
Thursday: NOTHING...oh did say Nothing...I'm wrong! LOL We have drama practice...darn it! on whole cloth quilt at night
Friday: Chiro. appt., run errands and finally stay home long enough to work on the whole cloth quilt.
Saturday: Come-n-Sew day!! I love this!!
Sunday...suppose to be a day of rest, but it is not lately....we have church all Sunday morning and into the afternoon preparing for the Easter program. I'm so glad that next week we are taking from Thursday to the following Monday off from school!!!!!

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