Friday, March 19, 2010

Quilt Designing

I'm taking lessons on quilt designing with my new software. I did not purchase the expensive program but the same company's less expensive version. So far I am enjoying it, but I've designed 3 quilts and I'm on to the 4th one and still have not got it into the program. I've only got the designs in my head! I better get them down quickly or else I'm gonna forget them! LOL

I finished the whole cloth quilt but I am very disappointed in it. The backing puckered into several spots. I could not, and did not realize, that there was a wrinkle in the backing. Even though I used the clamps to prevent that, it still wrinkled. So....I'm making another one....such excitement! I ordered a nicer thread color too and the fabric is totally different also. I'm using a more sage green, very soft looking and a really nice french motif design is on the backing fabric. I'm tempted to just use white sateen for the back and save the french looking fabric for me!

Yesterday's weather was wonderful and today's plans on being just as wonderful! Now this weekend, well, that is another whole story....cold and rainy. That is ok, we don't have to shovel rain! I'm going to enjoy my day sewing. I was hoping to find my pictures of the project that I am working on "Jared Takes a Wife". The original of the block is Blackford's Beauty. I'm going to put a different border on the quilt than what the quilt calls for. I saw someone else's quilt and they put the Delicatable Mountain block (s) for their border. Makes the quilt sing!

Happy Sewing everyone!

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