Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is getting good!

For the past month and half I have been dragging my heavy sewing machine (it is heavy because it is a computerized machine not because it is an old singer) to play practice to help work on the girls' dresses. Well our work is done for the time this only means....more sewing time at home for me. Oh yes, and I can clean my house!!
Last night the kids' McPeakLee band was asked to play at the Waterford Senior Center's talent show. They, of course, were fantastic!! And they were asked to come back next year. Also a few of the audience took the McPeakLee cards for call backs. This is wonderful for them! The kids really do work very hard at this band. Unfortunately, I think we might loose one of the band members to college. It appears, the Peak, will be going off to college. I understand his younger brother is being trained to play the keyboard and guitar to take his place. We must keep the Peak in McPeakLee...LOL
Ah well it is time to get moving. Today is the high school class IEW class. For those of you following the blog and don't know what IEW stands for: it is home school writing class.

Take care all!

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