Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain today...

Rain today, but that is not going to stop me from feeling wonderful and enjoying what the Lord has given! This morning I will be working on the whole cloth quilt. I should get most of it done...ok maybe I'm pushing I'm gonna try! This afternoon I am meeting several friends at Olive Garden. Love the breadsticks, soup and salad! Oh and I can't forget that raspberry peach iced tea!! LOVE IT!

We have 6 weeks left until Oklahoma!! I need to take some pictures of the kids in their costumes. This cast is working hard to pull off the play and make it a success.
Oh my goodness, I found this picture this morning while looking for a quilt picture. I thought it needed to go up on my blog! Look at these handsome men! All but 1 belongs to me, and the one calls me mom! LOL He is sitting at the piano, he is my friend's son...but I feed him dinner whenever he comes over, so now I count as his other mom! LOL
So my husband is standing beside the piano (all the way to the right), then we have Steve, Rick P, John, Joe (jr.) and Chris is in the background. What a bunch of guys! I love them all!
Till next time.....

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