Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One busy day...here we go.....

Today is a very busy day! But before my day begins I wanted to get these pictures posted.
First, there is another quilter whose blog I follow and she has a "Design Wall Monday", well today I have a "Design Table Tuesday"! LOL I have been wanting to take pictures of these fabrics and projects, but just kept forgetting to do it. So here are the projects that I am working on and plan to work on soon. All of the bright colored fabrics (blues, greens and the black-white combo) are going into a quilt from Nancy Rink designs. She has a block of the month (BOM) called Galactic Explosion. Before I begin the project I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric to complete it. And I do!
Here is her website: http://www.nancyrinkdesigns.com/free.html
After our play is over (Oklahoma) I will begin my quest for doing a block a day. This is what I did when we first moved here to Michigan 3 years ago. I was very lonely when we first moved here so I decided to dive into a BOM project. I'm not lonely now, but I really really want to make this quilt!
The other picture shows a quilt that I am making for someone, I can't say who just yet. The block is called Blackford's Beauty. I found this block at Bonnie Hunter's www.quiltville.com website. She calls it "Jared Takes a Wife". I'm not a true scrappy quilter just yet, I still have to have some control over the fabric colors.

Yesterday during our middle school IEW class we were doing our stretches. Man am I sore!! I did push ups for the first time in probably 30 years!! What was I thinking!!? I have the option to say no to these things, but I am determined to loose some weight and get in shape. Speaking of IEW class, next week is the last week of classes until next school year!!! WOOOHOOO! I've been homeschooling for over 18yrs and I'm counting down the number of kids I have left here at home!
Chris graduates this year! What a kid he is! He is a great son, actually all 4 of my boys are fantastic! I will only have 2 boys left for homeschooling. Then I can retire in 4 years!!!
Well, I need to get moving, lots to do today! Need to post another post for the other pictures!

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