Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Other projects...

I have to post these two projects that I am working on. The whole cloth quilt is a sample of what I am working on for Dr. Erik, he is my chiropractor. I played for a while working up the sample piece. I wanted to make sure the tension was correct with this new thread. I had thoroughly cleaned the machine and bobbin case along with putting a new needle in...that is a hard thing to do when your eye sight is not what it used to be...and to line that needle up just right, man that can be a challenging task. But if you don't change out the needle often enough, it will get weak and break on you while you are quilting. Ask me how I know this....from being lazy! There was a lot of lint that had built up in the bobbin case from the previous project. I will not be putting the straight line designs in his quilt (the quilt, it is for his mom's b'day), that was just me having fun. I need to remember to bring the sample in to show him the colors I have chosen. The funny part, the fabric is a spring green, you cannot tell either, looks white. The thread is pear green. The backing is a sage green.
The other pictures are of the "Blackford's Beauty" also known to some as "Jared Takes a Wife" pattern from Bonnie Hunter of quiltville.com. I originally planned on giving this quilt to a friend as an open house gift, but remembered that someone told me she decorates in asian....darm, I guess I will have to do something else with this quilt. I am going to finish it though.

Time to go get ready for my day.....till later y'all.....


  1. Regarding the possible quilt for a friend that decorates in Asian design - this has a lot of red and black, and is geometric, I would think it would fit in quite well wiht Asian. The block is beautiful. Your wholecloth quilting is lovely too. How talented you are!
    Jan in TN from Quiltville Chat

  2. Thank you very much! ~happy quiltin' y'all