Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Man have I been slacking off with my blog!

Yes, I have been slacking off when it comes to my blog, sorry followers! I have been very very busy!
About 2 weeks ago I left for South Carolina. My mission for the trip to keep my sister occupied for her surprise anniversary party. She and her hubby have been married for 30 years! It was a wonderful party!! She and her hubby had no clue what was going on! Their daughter, Ashley and her hubby Greg were able to get all the necessary friends and supplies to their house without a hitch! Renee and Foot, were totally shocked and we all had a wonderful  night of celebrating their marriage.
While I was down there in the Carolinas lots happened. Here are some pics!! Now 1 picture is of my legs! Don't be alarmed at the tattoo and toe rings. Tatt is a temporary one, just seeing if I want one or not. The toe rings, love them!
love the flowers!

Friendship rings on the wall at The Beginnings Quilt Shop before the trunk show

shopping at DSW in Pineville/Charlotte

Chillin in my sister's backyard!

Class time!!!

jane's quilt blocks

last morning in the Carolinas, love love love the waterfall!

paper piecing blocks on the wall at The Beginnings Quilt Shop

more shoe shopping at DSW, wish I would have bought these

Chillin at Ashley's house for Renee and Foot's anniversary party

This week I can finally tell you what project I've been working on!! I can't wait to be able to put up the full announcement, goes!! I filmed a video, an instructional video on how to make a quilt from start to finish!! It is with a major publishing company!! How cool!!! More info to come soon!!


  1. So glad the tattoo is temporary. Toe rings maybe but tattoo - oh no. I like the pattern for your online class. I just might sign up for it. Can I finish the quilt about 42" to 44" x 54" to 56"? It could be used in our prayer quilt ministry at our church.

    1. Yes Roanoke you can make it smaller, just take off 1 row and maybe make the border narrow. Let me know how it goes!!