Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Slacking off just a little...

I think I have been a little lax-a-daisy (who knows how to spell that?) with my blog lately!! I really have not been slacking off, just very busy. This past several weeks we have had our youngest son graduate from high school. Now this is different from most because he did not attend public or private school....we not only did he graduate, but I RETIRED! Moving on!!!
Moving on to a new "career" it really is not a career but just a new stage of life....quilting! And loving every minute of it.
My sister came up for his graduation, we had a wonderful time together. Lots of nights we just sat outside with a glass of wine and just talked. Renee and I are the only ones left of our family, so our time together means a lot to me! Renee is a wonderful person who loves to have a good time and make others smile and laugh....and treat you to Starbucks!!
I've completed my Barn Swallow Quilt that is going to Quiltmaker magazine. What a quilt, very original!! I love it. I can't wait to see what the magazine does with it for the pictures. It was a paper piecing quilt, so it took me longer than I anticipated, plus I wrote down the wrong due date...ugh! The editors were nice and worked with me so that I could manage to get it completed and mailed to them TODAY!! Yep, I'm shipping it today....phew....done! And on to the next quilt: is called Midnight White Diamonds....I love geometric shapes...this quilt is for Fons and Porter.
I leave Tuesday for the Carolinas. Gonna have a blast!! Visit with my sister and friends...and the best coolest part of all is I'm hosting my first workshop/trunkshow in Hendersonville, NC at The Beginnings Quilt Shop. If you live in the area stop by and see Lynn's shop, she is located on Greenville HWY.
Well everyone, Happy Quilting! I wish I had some pictures to show you but I can't reveal anything yet..........oh!!! Next Month!! July!! My first video will be released from a major publishing company!! Watch for it!!! I will be posting about it!!
This quilt is in Quiltmaker magazine!! Summertime Blues!

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  1. Nancy, thank you for making me smile this morning! It's lackadaisical!