Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IT is HOT here!!

Our heat index will be 103 today, what is up with that?!
I know how I'm gonna keep cool today, staying inside sewing!
Two days ago I drove over to Accomplish Quilting in Stevensville, MI. Accomplish Quilting is a dealer for Innova Longarm Quilting machines. I love this longarm!!! The owners and other employees: Julie and Doug all treated me wonderfully and stayed by my side to help me when needed! A lot of great things happening with Accomplish Quilting!! Here is a sample of what I did:
 This picture is a sample that Accomplish Quilting had on the machine. They told me to just start sewing with the cording right over top of the work! So I did!! Way cool!!! Now look closely at the thread, it is thicker!! It is cording, metallic cording! Way cool!!
So then, they said here lets just place a new piece of fabric right over top of that work and lets use a different thread!! Are you serious?!! Ok, lets do it! So they did! LOL and I chose Silver metallic cording. Love love love it!!
I will be in their booth working on a quilt for you to stop by and see at the AQS Grand Rapids Show, August 14-17.
Just wait till you see what the Innova longarm can do!! It is fantastic!!
I'm going to be teaching longarm quilting with them also. Now this won't be every weekend, because I live 3 hours watch for me to put up my teaching schedule!!

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  1. Isn't it funny how SOON we get tired of whatever season we're living in? Hang in there -- it looks like you've found a way to entertain yourself and stay out of that heat!

    I seem to remember you are one of the kind bloggers who gave me suggestions when needing to change "readers" .. I AM finally using Feedly and actually FOUND your new post. 8-))