Thursday, December 20, 2012

It is many days...

before Christmas? Christmas is less than a week away. I can't believe it. I still have to go shopping for our dinner and buy stocking stuffers. Our plans are still not confirmed of who is and who is not coming over, hopefully we will know soon.
Today though, I get to go to lunch with my Carol. I have not seen her in months!! I'm so excited to see her. Carol has been through some rough times these past couple of years, I'm hoping things are getting better for her. Before I can meet her for lunch I have to go have my fingernail repaired.
Why? Last night, my hubby thought it would be fun to wrestle...yes, wrestle....he thinks it is funny to pin me down and I can't do anything. I knew one of his moves was coming so I braced for it and tried to escape..all the while laughing....and guess what gel fingernails got in the way...I cracked one of them!! and man did it hurt!! That ended that wrestling match!!! LOL so we turned off the lights and headed to sleep and POW something blew...that something was a lightbulb in my nightstand light!! It exploded! That was scary. We jumped out of bed, realized what happened and cleaned up all the glass.
Now for today...lunch with Carol, fingernail repair and work on a customer's quilt.
I received wonderful news yesterday!! I can't tell what it is, but in June you will find out!!!
Happy Sewing!!!


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