Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look at my boots!!

It is pouring rain here in Michigan!  I bought these boots last month when I went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC. I also have leopard skin clog type...shoes too!! These shoes are so comfortable!!
Here is their website if you are interested, I'm not affiliated with them at all, just like them: http://www.sloggers.com/index.shtml

Red!! What a happy pair of boots to wear in the rain!
Question for you guys: if you were going to take a quilting class to learn a new technique, what would you like to learn? Paper piecing? Curve piecing? Applique?

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Now, I'm patiently waiting for a picture to show up in my in box that I sent over 10 minutes ago of my slogger clogs. I wanted to share them with you before I head out the door...ahhhh, finally they have appeared!! So, what do you think of these shoes!!! LOL

 Again, they are very light weight and sooo comfortable!

I'm heading out the door! 

Have a wonderful day!!

Happy Sewing!

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