Monday, December 3, 2012

Redesign of Berry Pie quilt

I redesigned the Berry Pie from the previous day, just played around with the colors a little bit and changed the border...what do you think?

I like the brightness of the white fabric and I took out some of the lighter blue fabric and replaced it with dark blue. I love chains!! Love Love Love them! What about the border?  I can see some serious quilting going on there!!
I have some book giveaways coming in January!! Please share my blog with your friends!!! My followers need to increase....most people just read the blog but don't join...we all love looking at the pretty pictures of quilts, huh?! LOL

I also redesigned my Rose of Sharon, I added an appliqued border....too much?
One of these days I will get to make this quilt...I'm sure, matter fact, I'm pretty certain it will not be needle turn applique. I think I'm too squirmy and impatient for that...I will all be machine appliqued. I wonder if I did 1 block a month that I could finish it in 2!! 2 years! Lets not think about that and just enjoy the quilt!! LOL

Happy Sewing everyone!!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love it even more! You are so super talented!!

    1. awww thanks!! I will be submitting this to a magazine! I will let you know if I get it accepted...the rose of sharon, I think that one might just be one I work on at my spare time...which I don't have much of, lol