Tuesday, March 15, 2011

POWER Cutting and Sewing!

phew! I've been power cutting fabric all morning!! And then I sat down to power sew!!
all strips sets sewn, ready for ironing

Pretty colors!! I love the cornflower
blue background with the
dark brown fabric...
just another strip set....
cutting this 2.5" set into half sq.
triangles, using the Easy Angle

more 2.5" strip sets....this is the
background fabric

After I cut all these strips, I sat for some serious power sewing. I have a lot of strip sets to make so I finished that first. The pictures that I have not posted are the over 500 triangles that I cut this morning too.
I will piece those triangles this afternoon....I'm thinking of posting this quilt as a mystery quilt. I have the instructions from another quilter, but I can't for the life of me figure out where I got the pattern from. It came from the internet as a free pattern, so I'm not going to take credit for it. Just come along with me and enjoy the process of making this quilt.
If you do want to sew along with me, drop me a comment and I will send the info.
You can make this scrappy or controled. I believe my yardage for the background fabric was close to 3yards. My little bit of extra that I have left over is going into my Farmer's Wife quilt and Civil War block of the week by Barbara Brackmann. I'm also going to begin the Nearly Insane quilt....that will be in the summer....
My colors for my neices quilt: pear green, sage green, cornflower blue, medium to dark brown...I used a crackle fabric for the brown. If you wish to make this scrappy gather your fabrics now, get the pressed and ready to go. I can tell you that the sage green and light colored fabric were cut in 1.5" strip wof. You need to make 8 strip sets of these two colors. These are going to be made into 4patches. If you are a quilter, you already know how to do this. Cut the segments into 1.5" segments, then sew them into a 4-patch making sure the same colors are diagonal of each other...

Now, onto the other quilt that I am making....here are the colors/fabrics for this one:
My favorite are the two blues, and the cream fabric with the little red roses. Don't know if you can see the little blue accent in the cream fabric...but man do I love these...more to come...
And last the creams to go along with all the autumn colors .....I know I should be thinking spring....but this is not for me. I think I'm going to be making the quilt Hidden Spools by Bonnie Hunter from http://www.quiltville.com/ If you are interested in the pattern click on the link and scroll down...her patterns are listed on the right side bar in alphabetical order.

That is all for now...I must get moving off the computer!! Happy sewing everyone!!

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