Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest quilt

Last week I was able to cut all the fabrics into the sizes/pieces/units that I need. On Saturday I took the medium and light 1 1/2inch strips (8 of each), made 8 strip sets and then cut them into 1 1/2inch subunits. Next, I made the subunits into 4 patches....I have 128-4patch units.
Next, I used my Easy Angle ruler and cut my 2 1/2inch strips into 2 1/2inch hst (half square triangles)....I used light and dark fabrics...and I will have to go down to my sewing room to see just how many of those little buggers I cut up...lets just say A LOT! I will post this information tomorrow or maybe later on today when I come up for air! LOL
The hst units, I took them with me somewhere and pinned all day!! I mean that, there are a lot of them. Oh yes, I pinned them at the guild meeting and at homeschool co-op day. I was able to piece one basket of the hst units, I still have another basket to sew. That is today's project. Honestly, I can sew those this is going to be the ironing of these babies that is going to take forever!! I will set up my iron by my tv so that I won't be so darn bored!
Once those hst units are completed I can move on to the other units. These are 9-patches. I have made them from all darks! The measurements for the strips are 2 1/2inches, so if you wish to cut some and try to follow along with me, go ahead! This part you can figure out....9-patches are easy. And I don't remember how many of each for this, so I will get the information and post either this afternoon or tomorrow.
I can't post any pictures at the moment, my camera battery is charging. Hopefully it will not take long and I can upload some pics.
That is all for now!
Happy sewing!

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