Thursday, March 17, 2011

Designs in my head!!

OH my goodness do I ever have too many designs in my head this morning. I think it is because I actually had a good night's sleep! Yesterday warmed up nicely here in Michigan. When my husband arrived home around 5pm, very unusual by the way for him to get home that early, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood! Oh it was so nice breathing fresh air!! Today the temps are going close to 60! WOOOHOO!!
Fabrics arrvied yesterday from did they send a lot! I was not expecting that ! Thank you! It was wonderful touching the fabrics!!
Last night I spent the evening pinning hst (half square triangle) units together. I think there are over 500! The pile just did not seem to ever disappear, but I did reach the end. After I finished pinning those units I continued on with ripping stitches from a quilt top that I don't like the quilting on....can't give a customer a quilt back that I am not happy with. I just don't like the way it turned out. It is not a large quilt, so that makes it nice, and hopefully I will be able to finish ripping out the border stitches while watching tv tonight.

Look at this messy sewing room! I can't believe how messy I can get a room in just a few short minutes...then afterwards, just walk away from it! LOL Someone needs to get on my case and make me clean it up. See the sewing machine on the table? My husband likes to sew on occasion, that is the machine he uses. Ok these tables are just way too messy, I really have to go clean up my room!
I'm considering hosting an ongoing summer "learn how to quilt class" for young girls. I already teach about 10 girls in our homeschool group on Wednesday at our co-op which is held at my church. The girls want to continue this over the summer. I just can't do it for free, it takes a lot of time. Any of my readers...if you have any suggestions for pricing let me know....btw, those tables would be cleared for the girls to come and sew. I think I could fit 4 at a time comfortably.

I'm making another double dutch quilt. I want to submit this one to a magazine. It is very simple and easy, as a matter of fact I have the instructions here on my blog in an earlier post. I think these fabrics are adorable! Makes for a cute little girls to find that little have boys...all big boys...and Kate, well she is 24 almost 25!! Ahhhh! our oldest is almost 25...oh my...ok, let's NOT think about this.
Today I am joining a friend at Olive Garden for lunch. I am so glad she invited me to lunch today. I know that I need to stay home and work, but at the same time I need the friendship/ know what I mean.
Well everyone, happy sewing and have a beautiful day!

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