Friday, March 11, 2011

Good day yesterday!!

Yesterday was a fabulous day for me! I heard from FP, so I have my contract for my quilt to go in the magazine!! WOOHOO!! I'm working on several other designs that I am going to be submitting to QW could not go to sleep last night because I had a quilt design in my head! I did not want to get out of my warm bed either to write my idea down .... I would have woke up my husband too.
I spoke with my dad yesterday. We don't talk very often, but it felt good to hear his voice. Long story behind our a minute?
Shall I begin at birth? lol..seriously, I'm adopted. I was given up at birth. My biological parents were young teenagers. Life was not great for them at home and it would not have been good for either of them to have the responsibility of raising a child, they were not ready. I was adopted when I was 2 days old. Raised by a wonderful family! I had 2 sisters waiting at home for know how sisters can be...they are little mommas! We moved a lot when I was growing up, from coast to coast basically. I went to lots of schools, my dad was in the Navy. Mom stayed home, sometimes she worked, but mostly stayed at home. Anyway, mom died when I was 15 and dad basically took off before I graduated high school. My sisters were there to help me and we stuck together as a family as best as we happens and you must continue on, you must pursue to survive.
At 19 years of age I decided it was time for me to find out who I came from. And I did. I found my biological mom. I look just like her!! Honestly, that was scarey. Growing up adopted, I always wondered who I looked like, who was I like, who did I take after...why am I the way I am....????? Curiousity takes over and I have a determination that can be absolutely annoying sometimes. When I set my mind to something I don't give up!
Several years later I decided it was time to pursue finding my biological dad. Finding mom was not hard, just scarey...the don't know if they (the biological parents) want you...rejection was in the back of my mind. By the way, she greeted me with a big hug and tears!! She did not want to let go. She spent 2 weeks with me.
Back to finding my dad. He was not as easy to convince that he was my dad. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I am a determined individual, and I was determined I was going to get to at least hear his voice!! And I did. You would not believe what I did to find him!!  That is another post that would take lots of room...but honey, I found him!! I will never forget that phone call either. WOW, emotions coming back
So, present day...yesterday, I called him, my dad. He was on my mind and figured I needed to see how he was doing...actually I did not call him, I texted him...then he called me! lol...and said, "Why don't you just call me?" Honestly, it is the whole rejection thing that creeps into my head. I can't explain why I feel that way on my blog, that would not be nice to others that might be involved....I will keep it to don't need to let the entire world know everything, right?
It felt wonderful hearing his voice yesterday. I was on cloud 9 after that! And to top things off he called me 2x! I think that was my clue that I need to contact him more, there is not going to be any rejection. I need to let my guard down.
So my dad is telling me about how our family line is filled with creativity. It is???? Why did you not tell me this before? For years and I do mean years I've wondered where I got the love for singing from, playing an instrument (which I gave up on early because of moving too much), drawing (the longarm quilt machine), piecing quilts...sewing in general....oh my goodness!! The pieces of the puzzle are being found! I can put more of who I am and where I came from together!!! He told me that his mother loved music, was a great pianist (played by ear, self taught), loved to sing...and acting runs in the family...So, not only did I get my creativity from my mom's side (her grandmother was a quilter) but it also comes from the McKnight dad's mom. WOW What a lot of information to absorb! My boys love to play their instruments: guitars, drums, keyboard.....acting! they love not so much acting...I panic can't do it! lol
Also, yesterday I had emailed my pastor about something that had been bugging for a long time....I hate when I don't let people know how I feel or what's bugging me...but he really gave me some great compliments! Thanks Pastor! You are a great man!
Time to get moving....even though we got snow last night, I'm gonna be happy!
Happy sewing!


  1. That is quite a story. I'm glad you found your dad and that you are talking now. Nice to know how much creative blood is running in those veins! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hey Nancy-that is awesome! Say, if the Lord continues to lead us down the International adoption road-would you consider making a lap quilt for us to raffle to raise $$? Not sure when/if this is gonna happen, but when I was praying about fund raising-your name and "quilt" came to me. :0) Well think upon (not like we need it immediately-LOL) and as things move along-we can chat. thanks and congrats on your magazine debut!

  3. I'm SO happy you did this! Followed thru and answered your questions.. found your beginnings...

  4. Sherry!!! Call me! I will gladly make a raffle quilt for you and hubby!! For some reason when I tried to email you it says the email is not linked is with my end not yours...Call me!!
    And thanks everyone for your responses!
    Happy Sewing!