Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday!! And the weather is ....

It's Friday and the weather is...not snowing! LOVE IT! This time of year is when all northerners (Michiganders in general) look forward to spring. We are all thankful for rain! lol...we don't have to shovel rain!
Look! someone cleaned up her sewing room! LOL I even vacuumed!
I just could not stand the mess any longer. I need to learn to put things away or at least make nicer looking piles! LOL
So today I'm going to sew on the longarm machine for a bit. See the fan quilt. I'm almost finished with it.

Presently, I'm filling in the white area of the quilt. The borders are finished. Once I finish the white area, I'm going to go draw/stitch cherry blossoms or dogwood blossoms in the fans...I think....we will see which ones look better..I will try it out on paper first.

I'm also working on another client's quilt. It was her first time working with bias and well lets just say she had lots of fullness in her quilt. I had to take the quilt apart...with her permission of course. I thought it was only in the outer border, the fullness, but as I took it apart I had to go all the way to the center.  So, for those of you who don't know how to work with bias, please follow the author's instructions...don't stretch it out, measure, measure and measure....I'm not saying that my client did not do that....just giving a little tip! I'm not posting a picture of her quilt, that would not be very nice of me. She has worked hard on her quilt and it is a king size..that is all the needs to be said. And when it is put back together and quilted she will be very proud of her work! No one has to know more than that.

At lunch time Chris and I will be heading to Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. He has his appt. today with his endocronologist. Type 1 diabetes. My son, Chris, has a good handle on his is the celiac that is getting to him.
Tonight my guys and their band McPeakeLee are playing at a fund raiser for our drama club. It is 50's-60's night. I so love hearing them play!! These are some very very talented kids!
Yesterday I was chatting with our oldest, Kate. Kate is 24 almost 25 and she is so pretty! I miss her! She lives in NY. I was so hoping that she was heading over for a visit, but money and time are an issue. We just miss her! Sending love your way sweetie!
Well everyone, hope you are having a wonderful day!

Happy Sewing!

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