Saturday, March 19, 2011

National Quilting Day...are you quilting?

Today is National Quilting Day....I read that from Judy L.'s blog of Patchwork Times. So, today I am quilting!
Here is my list of to do's for today:
1-finish 9 fans on longarm machine
2-iron Ashley and Greg's quilt pieces and get to work on it
3-before working on Ashley and Greg's quilt, make one block from Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
4-eat lunch? sometimes I like to just bring munchies down to my sewing room, then I don't have to stop and I'm more productive
5-Get samples ready for shop classes!! I keep forgetting to do this!

Last night's 50-60's talent show was fantastic! Those kids are so talented!!
OH, Chris's doctor appt went wonderful! His A1c level is 6.1. His doctor gave him a smiley face and really spent a lot of time talking with Chris about becoming a pediatric endocronologist! I hope Chris sticks with this! The doctor perked up when Chris said he is going to go into the medical field and become an endocronologist. And I can't forget that Chris's results came back for his celiac test and he was originally at 90trig. and it has come down to 20!! That is amazing! Way to go Chris!!

and my son Joe. He was so happy up there playing that guitar last night for the show!! And being Laura's helper! He loves to serve and be a part of things. I so enjoyed seeing him smile! Way to go son! I need to get some pictures of him and the other boys. Since my old computer died so did all my pictures!
Happy Sewing!!!

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