Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lord closes doors

You know, no matter how much I want to do something, if the Lord does not want me to do it HE will let me know by closing the doors!! Even if I try to open them back up, He will close them even harder! OK, I get the message now! LOL 

New Year, New Focus!

The new focus: getting life back in order!
We moved back to Michigan almost 4 years ago. When we moved I never planned on getting as busy as I allowed myself to get these past 2+ years. Now, as of this morning, we are going back to our old time. Our boys and each other are the most important!  Outside activities have taken over our family time. We still have young men that need our attention and we need to pay attention to each other....and the house could use some serious clean up!! Oh my goodness! I can't stand the dust and the piles any more!
I have a couple of friends who say my house is it is not! It is a mess and I need to work on it! I need to allow myself time to get back into my old routine of cleaning. I had it down so well!!!
I need to focus on homeschooling, we still have two boys left to graduate! WOOHOO!! 4 years and I retire!!
I need to focus on my quilts! I truly believe that if I can keep my house clean, keep all distractions that are outside the home at arms length then the quilting world will get organized with the home life....
Quilting: Dawn and I want to have a charity division of the quilting. Teddy Bears and Quilts. But this will come in time, not right now. Focus on what is most important. Get the home life in order and your relationship with the Lord and everything will fall into place...actually the relationship with the Lord needs to come first then family life will fall right into place. is time to go work on what I said I needed to do....Later everyone!!


  1. I hear ya on the closing of doors. Say, funny you should mention the charity quilt division...I have an idea/request and I need to email ya on that. But will hold off a tad so you can get your house in order first. Blessings!

  2. I can relate.... time for this quilter to get things in order also. I have 8 grandchildren close by which I really want to make a priority (as strength allows!) and all my quilting IS charity quilting so I really want more time for this also... time to examine my priorities. I know the Lord is wanting to help me get it all in order also :-)