Saturday, January 29, 2011

EQ7 this morning

This morning I woke up around 4:30!! My brain was already trying to plan my day!! I made myself go back to sleep, telling my alarm (my brain) that I would like to be up by 6am so that I could see what Fons and Porter show was on PBS. I woke up at 6:14am, got out of bed, put my slippers and house coat (robe) on and began my walk to the family room. Stopped at the front door to see if it was still snowing and how much we got....hmmm....can't tell it is still too dark....continued my journey to the kitchen, feeling my way to make sure I did not walk into any walls...I've done that before....sets your day off to a not so good start when you walk into a wall that has been there forever! LOL
Poured my cup of coffee and sat down to watch the show. Bummer...I've seen this one...ok, I will finish watching it. My mind ventured into EQ7...I need to go design these quilts I have in my head! Maybe I will do it in a minute, let's see what Sewing with Nancy is about today: sewing with elastics... Ah, nope...lets go play with EQ7....
I sat down, booted up the computer, got EQ7 up and running...and designed two quilts this morning....I finished the first one called Spinning 4-patches, saved my work and went on the next quilt. Well at least I thought I was working on my second one....I went to color in the quilt block and my computer froze up. EQ7 shut down....I was not a happy quilter! What?! NO! My Work is gone!! Yep, the second block/quilt I had just worked on was gone!!! Back to square 1...
So, I did...I started all over and actually changed a few measurements and I have a really nice looking quilt.
Ok...I will show them later though....

Now for a funny story..kind of funny. Yesterday I wanted to visit all the local quilt shops so that I could pass out my longarm quilting brochures and cards. I called a few shops to make sure it was ok. First shop I called was kind of snotty to me. The owner told me right off the bat that they push a longarmer that has 2 machines, only charges a penny per inch and has a two week turn around time. I thought, "well dang....I shop at as many quilt shops as I can because I want to support all of them. Each one has their specialty of fabrics and such that they offer." Same with longarm quilters....we all have our own "specialty" that we can offer. Do you only shop at one grocery store? Or do you shop where ever you can get what you need at the price you need?
Now this quilt shop is over 30minutes away from my home...and I drive a big is an F250 (It is one of those big trucks that will shine its headlights in your rearview mirror and there ain't a thing I can do about it! sorry) this truck takes diesel...has anyone other my family priced diesel lately???? Last fill up was $3.37 a gallon...times that by a 30 gallon much does it cost me? and I only get 15 miles to the gallon...ok, enough about math...I arrived at the first store, Maybelena's in her store!! Walked in and there was the most perfect fabric for my latest must come home with me! So it did (giggle)...I gave Brenda my brochure and this point in time...I only had a handfull of business cards!!! I left my cards sitting on my cutting table!! UGH!
Funny part: I had changed my mind about driving out to the quilt shop that was so glad I did not go cuz that would have looked absolutely ridiculous on my part for not having my business cards with me!! Lord have mercy!! LOL
Lesson learned: check and double check your supply list and what you should have on hand with you...your memory is not as good as it used to be!
That is enough rambling for the day...chow!


  1. So when do we get to see the fabulousness you created on your EQ7? I'm excited to see. I don't have EQ.. and I always love what everyone designs..

  2. As soon as I remember to charge the camera battery again!! LOL I pieced one of my small quilts yesterday that I had designed yesterday..I will try to take pictures today or on Monday. Busy day today, church this morning and this I am meeting two quilters to pick up their quilts this afternoon.
    Keep a watchin'!

  3. That to me is so sad that the quilt shoppe owner treated you like that. You are so right. We all have our specialty and we ALL should help and encourage one another. There is enough business out there for everyone.
    If I were you, I wouldn't waste me time with her. If she was that way once, she will probably be like that again. Life is too short.
    Good for you getting out there and going after business! It will make you a success.
    Love your new pattern too!