Saturday, April 25, 2009

oops, I forgot

I totally forgot to post that we purchased a truck bed topper for my truck!! It is not the same color as my truck, but that is ok! We needed a topper to protect the family's musical instruments from the weather.
this morning I began making up our reading list for next year...our school year. I can't believe I do this every year! I plan so far ahead, but as they say, "those who fail to plan, plan to fail"!! I cannot fail my family's home school!
So far I have to use: Sonlight's IG 7 ( and Tapestry of Grace yr 2(! Teaching the Classics Worldview Supplement (, IEW's High School Essay Intensive and Elegant Essay ( Math, it is a given, we only use Teaching Textbooks ( Science, I thought I had science as a given also, but as things are turning out, I had to purchase bju's biology ( for Chris this year. The other boys are using Apologia's science. John struggled this year with General Science, so I had to allow him to take a break from it. Instead he is reading "It Couldn't Just Happen".
Time to get moving, time to go play with fabric!!

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