Monday, September 2, 2013

Catching up with life!

It is September!! I cannot believe this! That only means Autumn is coming and well we all know what comes after Autumn....winter! I love Autumn! The colors are soooo pretty and inspiring! The smell of the air seems to change, you know? I've noticed that up here in Michigan. We had a chilly July for about 3 weeks it felt like autumn! The air has a crisp smell? I think that is a good adjective to use, got any suggestions? lol

Lately, I'm trying to catch up. I'm not submitting as many quilt designs as I did before or these last two years. That was way too much work! I lost some serious family time! I've worked too hard on my family to just give that up. Yes, they are all pretty much grown now, a group of handsome young men, beautiful daughter and grand daughter.

For the past 2 months Joe and I have been making it a habit to go out on dates at least Friday night and Sunday night. I enjoy this! Especially the Sunday night date. I don't know what is different about it, maybe because we begin the day together. We have to be at church by 8:30am for praise band practice and well we pretty much spend the entire day together. We usually go to Culver's and have a frozen custard sunday to end our day! Love it!

My friend Dawn came over Saturday. Her husband made her a rag rug frame. She was working on her newest craft, rag rug! Putting all her ugly fabric into this rug, it was really neat! She should have it finished soon, maybe I can post a picture of it when she completes it.

I have new work, quilt related, but I can't post it yet, in time! I can tell you that my video with Annie's is doing great! In October, I get to make another video class! I can't wait! I hope you will get to view my 2nd class when it airs! I don't know when it will air, sorry..but it will be sometime in 2014, probably winter/early spring.

This is my latest published quilt, the Barn Swallow block made into a quilt, "Cosmic Vibrations"
The magazine is out on newsstands now "Quilts from 100 Blocks"

Time to get off the computer! Happy Sewing!

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