Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Quiltinators!!

Hello everyone! Saturday morning I had the invasion of my quilting buddies!! The Quiltinators!! Oh my goodness did we ever have a blast! Here is how the day went! First I cleared out my family room and brought in 5 folding tables, there were 10 of us sewing! Everyone brought food, sorry no pics of the food spread, but man oh man was there ever some good eatin!
So for your viewing pleasure....

the empty family room

some of the Quiltinators
another view of the Quiltinators

 Pumpkins I made with my Accuquilt GO...oh yes their is a leaf in there too and I forgot to put my acorn in

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 This is Helen's paper pieced star
Janic's paper pieced star! She was so excited to learn this technique! thank you Helen for showing her!!
the invasion of the frogs!!! From Accuquilt!

I captured all the frogs! Now to get them onto their lilypads! that is the next step!
Happy Sewing everyone!

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  1. I think that we found a new name for our group - I LOVE the Quiltinators!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for hosting - didn't get as much sewing done as I would have liked BUT it was soooooooo lovely to catch up with everyone, and get to know a few new too!!!! xoxoxo