Thursday, August 8, 2013


I can't believe I caved and bought one!! Accuquilt GO!! Yes, I am the proud owner!!
A couple of weeks ago I decided when I was going to be longarm quilting for Accomplish Quilting at the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show, I decided it would be really sweet to have some applique ready. The easiest way to do applique in 'mass' production is the AccuquiltGO. So! I did a little research and found that they, Accuquilt, had just released the new Heather Feather diecut...and upon further research I found MORE applique diecuts that I just had to have!
Now, a week ago our little sewing group got together. I had placed my accuquilt diecut dies order...did I say that right? I did not own a machine yet...I was just gonna borrow someone's. My plan was to save the money up and buy the machine. Well! That all changed!! I was at Helen's and she brought hers out..she is the gadget queen of our sewing group! If anyone has it she does!! I played with hers and fell in love!!! Here are two of the appliques that I am going to be using in Grand Rapids:

Now this applique is the reverse, it is the fabric that was left over...I think it is cool!!!
I will be demonstrating on the Innova Longarm machine. Come by and visit me!!!
Now, there is a little more to the story....while at Helen's, Sharon came over to drop off the heather feather dies to me. And Sharon was so excited about telling us that Accuquilt can do!! I decided I had to have the die cut machine and I did not want the baby, I wanted the GO! I was gonna drive over to her house when I left Helen's but I did not feel that good so I drove home and called Sharon to let her know I would come get the machine later on that week.
I arrive home and hubby tells me he wants to go out to eat. While we are driving I started telling him about the machine. He said, "well your birthday is Friday, why don't I just buy it for you?"!! Sweet!! Now, to make a long story kids also gave me money to buy more dies to go along with my AccuquiltGO!!
I will be cutting appliques All WEEKEND to prepare for Grand Rapids!! I can't wait!
Happy Sewing everyone!! 


  1. I just saw on their facebook page, that they came out with a better model that has better rollers. Did you get the new one? I love being able to cut out shapes with it, makes it easier and more fun to do scrao quilts.


    1. Hi Debbie! I hope I did!! LOL I tried my friend's machine at her house, I guess I should open mine up and play for a while!! LOL BUT!! I have my next video quilt to is just the binding...ugh, I hate binding a quilt
      Happy Sewing!

  2. I bought one also, a couple years ago, and have only used it once, due to an extensive chaotic remodel going on, but I cannot wait to really do some creative things with it...I am the worst cutter for accuracy on earth, which is why I got for you!