Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weird dreams...

Don't you hate when you have odd or weird dreams?
Can't explain the who, what, where, when  and why of the dream?
Ugh! That was what happened last night, or should I say this morning around 4am..I finally gave up and got out of bed.
Today we are having our monthly potluck at church. Everyone is suppose to bring a dish to share and dinner is after 2nd service. We have some people that gripe about it...oh well, can't please everyone. My only gripe is this is the only day of the week I get my entire family together for dinner, so I miss it. I love making Sunday dinner for my family. I love seeing all of them sitting here at the table and listening to their conversation.
Now this is different!! I've submitted this quilt to a magazine publisher so please don't copy it and make it your own. Thank you!
Happy Sewing

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