Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Funny thing...

Funny thing happened last night...I attended the Macomb County Quilt Guild meeting last night. They had a guest speaker, Donna Slater of the Feathered Nest.
After the speaker was finished it was time for Show and Tell, you know the part that all of us quilters love!! We get to show off what we have done :)
So, we are standing in line waiting our turn and well it is finally my turn. I get up and do my little tell about the quilt, then reveal the quilt.
So I begin pulling the quilt out of the bag and as we open the quilt up I realized I had brought THE WRONG QUILT!! You read that correct!! The wrong quilt!! I jumped up and down!! and laughed!!
What a goof ball I am!!
This is the quilt that I was suppose to have shown.....

And this is the one I brought!!! Their backings are the similar and that is how I mixed them up!!
What a goof ball!!
Happy Sewing everyone!!


  1. Both are beautiful in either case!

  2. That is funny but I am sure they loved this one as much as your other beautiful quilt.


  3. LOL! I know that would have happened to me as well. Aren't we glad we can laugh at ourselves!