Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ruler Demo and Village Quilt Shoppe

Hi everyone!! I will be demoing a ruler at the next Breakfast Club at the Village Quilt shoppe in Lake Orion, MI. If you are in town stop by and check it out.
Time: 10:00am
Date: June 6
I will be demoing other rulers, but this one is the one I tried today, I love it!
Here is the block I made:

Speaking of the Village Quilt Shoppe, I neglected to post their newsletter when it came out...sorry...Here is the link, it is on their website:

Back to my block. I've pieced these kaleidoscope blocks before and could not get my centers to come out nice...all the points were off centered!! Drove me nuts! So I would give up...I did try numerous methods but none worked as well as this one!!
Thank you Creative Grids for another great product!! And NO they did not give me the ruler, the shop owner I took it home and pulled out some scrap fabrics and had some serious fun!
Here is my "oops" and it was operator error, not the ruler....hehehe, I wish I could blame someone or something else, but alas tis I was in err..
So, without further ado...

See the mistake? The seam. The seam running horizontal should go right across the 2 crossing seams, right at the intersection. And because my seam did not do that, the block's center did not line up. I picked out those few stitches and re-sewed and walla...the finished block!! Which is the one above my "oops" block.

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