Saturday, February 2, 2013

It is the weekend...what are you doing?

Good morning world! It is Saturday morning, what has this weekend in store for you? Whatcha got planned? I just want to stay warm!!! Seriously, my oldest son, Joe, just left the house. He works at one of the local Auto Zone stores, he has to go open up. He hates the cold, poor kid, I understand.
Today I'm hoping that hubby and I get to go to Kurtis Kitchen and look at countertops. We have picked out cabinets, I'm just not totally sold on having granite yet. I need to explore my options. I want to get the most "bang" out of my buck! lol
I heard from an editor yesterday. I had a question concerning something so I emailed her. I got an answer that I was not expecting!! Sweet!! I got another quilt accepted with them and they are just choosing which layout they want. How sweet!! I'm so excited!!
Well everyone, please stay safe and warm! As soon as I can post some pictures of quilting I will!!!
Happy Sewing!

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