Monday, February 18, 2013

Catching a cold...

Yesterday, which was Sunday, we had a very long day at church, an important day though. Once we finally arrived back at home I was sitting here at the computer and I sneezed 3x in a row! That was first clue I was getting something...a first warning sign. As the afternoon progressed so did my cold, I began aching and a sore throat started making an appearance. Yep, by 8pm I was sitting in my favorite chair all bundled up, trying to put a binding on my quilt...getting extremely frustrated!! I've done this numerous times, what am I doing wrong this time? Why is my thread breaking so often!!

last episode of season 3 was last night! I love the show, love the characters, I hope there is a season 4! I have not researched to see if there is going to be. There should be! I think this show could continue on for a good while!
Call to Midwives
is the next show I will follow on PBS's Masterpiece theater!! Love their mini series!! I need to go find the day that it will be airing in March.

Schoolhouse Sampler
I'm teaching this at the Village Quilt Shoppe
block 1

block 2
block 3

block 4

block 5

block 6

Some of my students have gotten ahead, one in particular has had to  "unsew" also known as  "rippit" her stitches. I've chosen to stay with these colors. The book suggests that you add more colors, but I'm enjoying the combination. I need to figure out the colors for the chain blocks....The book calls for a single Irish Chain, I think I will play with eq7 and see what colors would look the best. I want to add some cheddar, but at the moment there is no way to tie it into the current fabric selections. What do you think? Can I add cheddar?

Well, I need to take care of the aching body....put a binding on, write directions, make samples, and well just rest..oh yes, can't forget laundry! Someone might want some clean clothes this week! lol

Happy Sewing everyone!! don't forget, I do have a give away this month! It is over next week!


  1. Love your blocks, beautiful fabric choices.
    I hope you feel better, I had it a few times so hoping that is the last ones for me.


  2. Downton is on for season 4! Our local PBS starts Midwife again on March 31. I'm also looking forward to the new series with Jeremy Piven, Selfridge's.

  3. Season 5 is a go. Six new characters, Shirley M's MIL character will reappear too. Can't wait either.

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning Call For Midwives!! I already watched two episodes today and I'm now hooked! :)