Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring, oh Spring...where are you?

OH when is spring going to get here? This past weekend I really had a hard time getting warm! I was cold to the bone!!
Last night was guild meeting night. I love seeing everyone's work! Makes me want to come home and sew, then I step out of the meeting to the outside air and just want to run back inside the building! I am not dealing well with this winter. We had our "garage sale" night. I purchased a Jim Shore quilting angel. I collect them. I placed her on one of my antique sewing machine tables. She fits perfectly there. I will have to take a picture of her tomorrow when I have more time.
I'm working on my double pinwheel project but I'm going to name it something else...can't remember what I named it either...I wrote it out on a pad of paper in my sewing room....which of course is not with me. oh well.
Today is our homeschool co-op day. It is more work than I am willing to put into it. For some reason I just don't want to do this any more. But I am committed to next year...I hope my attitude changes....Steve will graduate next school year and then John is only 3 years after him. Wow, that really isn't long...
Time to go...just a little post, hopefully I will have my project pictures up soon.
Take care and happy quilting.

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