Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just figured out 2 things today!!

Today I figured out how to use my kodak camera. I take pictures often of my quilting (piecing and machine quilting). Often though I will not post my pictures, or at least close ups, because the quality of the picture is poor. My fault for not reading the instructional manual.
Second thing I figured out was how to make a double pinwheel using my Easy Angle ruler. This quilt block was inspired by a clients quilt on the longarm machine. I put the quilt on the machine last night. I just stood there and thought, I'm gonna figure this one out. Why did I not just go buy the book? I looked for the Double Pinwheel (Quilt in a day book by Eleanor Burns) at JoAnn's...not there....not a the local quilt shops either. I've asked a few friends about it, they did not own it either. I really did not have the $$'s to order the book...this was our mortgage paycheck (not much left after the mortgage is paid)...and most of  you would agree that out of a need comes a necessity...one to figure things out for myself! LOL
So here is what I did. Basically, I'm giving anyone that would like the  instructions on how to make this block. If you don't have the Easy Angle ruler, you can purchase one at your local fabric store or online. Or maybe you use what you have at home!! The angle is a 45degree.
Cut 1- 2 1/2" x wof each of a light and dark fabric. Sew these two strips together down the width of fabric to make your first strip set. Each strip set makes 2 double pinwheel blocks.

1)Begin with two color strip set

2) Fold strip set onto itself, remove selvege edge

4) Use Easy Angle Ruler, line up at 4 1/2" line and cut on angle

3) flip ruler, notice black tip of ruler is resting on bottom of strip, cut on straight side of ruler...flip and cut...continue this down the strip of fabric

5) Open up your first set of triangles.  You want to place your fabrics like I have in picture. Same colors should not touch.

6) Here is one block with all 8 units

7) Fold right side of unit onto left side of unit and sew on the angle

8) This is where I learned how to use my camera!!
LOL I'm chain piecing here

9) This is my chain piece separater. I have my seam ripper held in place by a square of fabric. I hold the chains in my hands, placing the thread that joins the units on to the seam ripper and giving a slight tug down the thread gets cut..continue down the chain

10) Here you join the units to make the
top half and bottom half.
press the seams open

11) almost done!!! Sew these together, press open

12) Look! You are done!! Block 1 complete.
Remember, each strip set makes 2 complete blocks. I hope you like the double pinwheel block! I think I'm gonna make some more.
I don't know if there is another name for this block, I can't find one in my book of blocks. My block size is 8 1/2inches....
By the way: I was teaching at the lqs this past Saturday and someone stole my "quilter" front license plate off my truck. I'm slightly ticked about this!! Why oh why would someone steal this?
Happy quilting!


  1. Well, isn't that clever! I will have to try this one. I have no idea of a name, though. Thanks for sharing. (I jumped over from QuiltvilleChat)

    Gina in Missouri

  2. Generally quilters are so honest too. We very seldom had any problems with dishonest customers when I worked in a quilt shop a while ago. Any chance the plate was loose? Was it the state issued plate or something you bought or the holder. It will be a pain to get a replacement from the state. Did you file a theft report if it was the state issued?

    Love the directions for the double pinwheel. I'm going to have to try that one! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Love easier ways to make complex blocks.

  4. OH! I like that block! I bought the EZ angle ruler to do RRCB and now that you've shown me another way to use it I'm definitely going to give that a try! Thank you so much.
    hmmmm... I'm thinking 3 strips and we'd have a triple pinwheel!

  5. Thanks Nancy, I'm a little dumb and didn't realized how easy is to do a pinwheel! I bought a lot of rulers and don't know how use most of them...
    Thanks again, I'll try this next!

  6. THanks everyone for the compliments on my double pinwheel (also known as windmill)!! I've set a goal to learn to use my tools...you know, the ones you bought at a quilt show that you just had to have or saw it presented at a quild meeting...or wherever...I'm determined and I will conquer this! LOL I have another quilt in the making after I finish piecing the pinwheel....