Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of February!

I've been very busy, just like everyone else in the world, and have not stopped to post to the blog world. So, I thought I'd give it a shot this morning. You know I always have this list of things, the list is in my head, of what needs to accomplished....I probably should write this list down...except it always occurs to me when I am asleep! It wakes me up! This is not good....

sorry so dark, I turned the flash off

I've noticed my eye is back to twitching. I need to go to the doctor about this. It may just be that I'm tired...I'll buy that....I also need to go for an eye exam...but I don't care for that when they blow the air into your eye! and dilate (spelling?). Last time that happened I got an amazing headache! I really need new glasses, it is getting harder to see things that are close up...I'm having to hold things further arms are not that long! LOL

I have to tell you about my newest purchase! I bought the "Nearly Insane" book and "The Farmer's Wife"!! I'm more in love with "The Farmer's Wife"!!
I plan on beginning the little 6" quilt blocks this week.

I have a client's quilt on the longarm machine. This was her first time piecing a seminole border and honestly, that can be hard because of all the bias...and this is a big quilt. There is some fullness...honestly, lots of I had to call her to let her know that quilt needs to be repaired before I can continue. I gave her two options and lets pick which ever suits her best. She opted for me to do the repair. I've made one of these quilts before so I know how to deal with the bias pieces....thank goodness this is not a rush I will repair the quilt put it back on the machine and she will have a beautiful quilt. All will be happy in the quilt world.
Also, last Monday I watched Fons and Porter. The assembled a block from a quilt that was published in a 1999 issue of "Love of Quilting". The quilt was named Memories, but that is not the name of the block. The block resembles a Maltese Cross. They gave a few dimensions and walla I figured it out. I've made two it is:
Maltese Cross, I love this block!

OH! I almost forgot! I was able to put the border on my Friendship Rings quilt, the blue and green version. Hopefully, Carroll at the Village quilt shop will be able to hang it up in place of the black and tan one. I need to run up to the shop and pick that one up. Still needs more quilting and bound! Which reminds me. I need to piece my Hopkins Square quilt. I'm teaching it next Tuesday.....Got to get busy!

Now I can't forget to post about this! The other night, a little after 10pm, I was in bed watching tv and my husband walks in. He is getting ready for bed and he heard a noise...I did not hear it, but he ran to the window....someone in a HUMMER (H2), was driving too fast down our road and drove into our yard...the roads were icey and snowy...maybe you should slow down hummer or not!  My husband heard their tire blow!! You see, we have small/medium size boulders at the edge of our yard by the road...why you say? so people won't drive into our yard and tear up the lawn. This is the 2nd time this week we have had someone miss the road...hmmm....anyway, they blew their tire because their hummer could not make it over the boulder.....they drove down into our yard and back up on the road...there they stopped....I'm sure they said a few choice words...called a tow truck....and off they went about 2 hours later.  I kind of feel sorry for them, but not totally....oops....oh well, people slow down up is winter and I don't care what you drive .... your vehicle can and will slide on does not care what you drive....
Well, I hope I remembered to post everything that I had intended.....I will figure it out later!! LOL....

Happy quilting everyone!

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  1. LOL...I need to preview my posts!! I have so many spelling errors and typos! Lord have mercy! LOL...sorry folks!