Monday, February 21, 2011

Double Dutch

Good morning world, we have snow on the ground. Last week the snow melted! It was wonderful seeing grass, some people don't understand that concept...seeing grass is great. I stopped to get the mail yesterday, reached out of my truck (no snow at this moment), grabbed the mail, came back into the truck, looked up to begin driving towards home and "Whoa! It is is it snowing!" It happened that fast! We have at least 6 inches on the ground. I'm glad I had no where else to go!
Saturday I had my sewing buddies over. I love having them over. Helen was able to attend, we have not seen her in over 8 months! We all worked on our own projects. I was able to work on my double dutch quilt. And yesterday I was able to finish putting the borders on. Now I have to put the ric-rac on 3 other sides and walla she is finished. I truly did not want the quilt to turn out as "pink" as it did. I was going for a more spring green look, but alas I did not have the fabric to create that look. I used what I had.
So, tell me what you think:
Double Dutch

Double Dutch with ric-rac on one side
of border...still need to add to the other 3 sides

Just another view of double dutch
 Before I forget, my bestest buddy came over to help me clean up my sewing room on Friday! That would be Dawn. We had a great time! I will have to remember what she continued to tell me as we were cleaning up my sewing room, "you don't need to go out shopping for fabric, you need to shop in Nancy's Sewing room" That would be my sewing room!! LOL She has a great point! Thanks Dawn for helping me!


  1. I think that when you put your Double Dutch on the bed it will look more green than it does out flat where you can see all the border

    Its a lovely quilt.

  2. It's very pretty and spring looking!
    Take care with the snow

  3. Beautiful colors & great piecing!!