Friday, May 1, 2009

Double Delight gift

Double delight quilt has been given away to a very special person! I know she will take good care of the quilt and it will be well treasured! We had a wonderful day on our last day of IEW co-op. Good food, great conversation, and giving the quilt to Paula. I hope she understands just how much all of us love her and care for her.

To add to our count down, we have less than a week now to our first night of production "Fiddler on the Roof"! Everyone is excited and very stressed at the same time! We sold out of our first three shows, added a fourth one (Saturday matinee) and now we are scrammbling to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of.

Yesterday, my friend Carrie came over and we began painting the family room! Why in the world I decided to do this now I have no idea what I was thinking!! But I am determined to get rid of that depressing gray color in that room. The previous owners painted the house very dreary colors, I need brightness in my life. The room is being painted a soft creamy yellow. We need the light to bounce off the walls, not sink in.

Last night, in the pouring rain, we had to load up the insturments and head over to a senior center. The Rotary Club was having a talent show night, no prizes, just come show us your talent. They were having a fund raiser for their organization and they were serving a speghetti dinner to raise funds. The entertainment was free. A couple of local dance studios had their students do a routine. A group from the local high school sang acapella, fantastic too! and there were a few other acts. My kids' group, the McPeakLee Experience performed last!! Man are they good!! They sang "Everyday" by Buddy Holly and "Don't you want somebyody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane. The audience loved them! I just might have a video of them performing from a previous concert night. I will try to upload that as well.
Till later.....I hope next week to have some of Fiddler pictures up for viewing!


  1. What a wonderful gift! Doesn't it just make you feel good all over to make someone else smile like that? Your DD turned out beautifully, too!

  2. Your DD is beautiful. What you did for your friend was so thoughtful. Good luck with the play

  3. The DD is beautiful and look forward to seeing the boys in the fiddler musical. My son did a short play.. Tevya and his daughters...years ago...and only sang one song from Fiddler...but I do love that musical.

  4. Awwwwwwwww Nancy! This came out beautiful!!! And I'm sure Paula absolutely loved it :) You have such a heart