Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy day on the longarm machine

Yesterday was a very busy day on the longarm machine. I completed 3 quilts and put a 4th on the machine! I only have 4 more to go and then all customer/friend quilts are done! I will work on Steve's quilt while I wait for the Mississippi quilts to arrive. I have 7 coming from Mississippi. I also have to finish my sister Renee's quilts and pillowcases. She always has an order for me.
Camelot is on! Our summer project, Camelot! I can't believe we are going to put on another play before school starts back up again. I have to start lesson plans asap so that I have time to breathe after the play. That will be the entire month of August. I will have a month off between play and school. I'm so thankful that my boys can work alone for about 75% of the subjects. To save money this year, I'm going to write out my own lessons, bringing in lots of resources that I already have. Today I must run some errands before I get started back on the longarm machine. I also need to call some of the kids' friends so that I can get some help in moving rocks out of a large flowerbed. I'm calling it a rock party! How clever! I will feed the kids that come over and help. That is all for now....

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