Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sounds of spring and summer

There are certain sounds of the seasons that I listen for. Spring is when you will hear song birds coming back to your yard. Summer, I listen for chipmunks! I know you are thinking, "what? Really? " yep!
Yesterday I finally heard the chipmunks! LOL here in Michigan winter can be long and spring can play games with your psyche!  Spring will give you a little teaser of warm weather to come and then vanish just as quickly as it appeared allowing winter to come back and take over. I see the little birds that are scurrying for food, the deer walking around in the field, rabbits, squirrels. ... but this winter/spring teaser time I saw no chipmunks or heard their calls. I really got excited when I heard the chipmunks!
When I'm in my sewing room, I get to watch the chipmunks chase each other.  See the momma chipmunk call to her little ones, you can tell when she scolds them, lol. Sometimes there is a little battle of the territory going on...a strange chipmunk enters another one's territory! Watch out! Man can those chipmunks run! It's just something small that I enjoy: chipmunks
The tulips have already bloomed,  irises are now bloooming, everything is turning green and pollen is everywhere! I have all the windows open enjoying the fresh air and listening to all the sounds of nature! I'm inspired to sew today.  I plan on keeping my windows open as long as possible. The fresh air and all the sounds of nature inspire me to create....
Oh yes, and my cup of coffee is right here with me.
And here is my view:

This past weekend,  which was Memorial day weekend,  I thought the I was going to get a lot of sewing done. That really did not happen. I couldn't really focus. I tried a block, not a new one, but tried to figure out a different piecing technique to a trading block.  I just could not focus and get the math right. I continued to mess up...so I walked away.
My husband decided a few weeks ago that we were going to rearrange our master bedroom. I was kind of dreading that, we have heavy furniture and it is big....lots of pieces. Saturday after dinner he said, "let's get started on our room" ok...it took us 4 hours!
Just think about having to dust all the sides of the furniture that you can't get to, vacuuming walls, cleaning the screens, windows, blinds....but it was so worth it! The master bedroom looks fantastic now!

So, what did you do this past weekend?
Oh! I also weeded 1 flowerbed, now today I'm going to go purchase mulch and 2 flats of annuals.  I need to get all the hanging baskets ready too.
Time to go to work! I have a project due to
Fons & Porter

Happy Quilting! Nancy

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