Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rainy Halloween

Yes, it is Halloween and it is raining. The rain woke me up during the night, so I guess it is safe to come to the conclusion that there may not be a lot of trick-or-treaters...we have a 90% chance of rain for today.
While checking email this morning and looking on facebook, I decided to make a "bucket list" of quilts that I want to make.
And yes, I will design them, all of them.
1-Double Wedding Ring: already redesigned and making it. Actually I've designed 3 different versions.
2-Broken Star: you know the lone star or Star of Bethlehem that has the star points surrounding it
3-Winding Ways
4-Jack's Chain
5-Large Compass/Mariner's Star with Flying geese circling the compass
6-Applique: I want to design my own leaves, flowers...all of it and I don't want raw edge, I want the edges finished, but machine appliqued with beautiful silky threads
7-Triple Irish chain...why this one? Don't know, just never made one and I love the way they look
8-Y-seam quilt...don't have a particular one in mind, just need to perfect the Y seam or find a better way to make it look perfect!
9-Giant Dahlia!! Oh yes! Need to do this one!
Maybe one day I will have a #10 project to add to my bucket list, but I think this is a good start.
Now for today since I kind of have some free time, I think I am going to attack my sewing room.  I want to clean and organize my sewing room. I would like to have a more organized sewing area, machine sewing not longarm quilting. I've went from a 14ft longarm table down to a 12ft table. I gave my daughter Kate, the chest of drawers and baker's rack that was in my sewing room...I needed more room and she needed those 2 pieces of furniture for her new house...her sewing room and Brandon needed the chest of drawers for his clothes.
Rearranging the sewing room:
I need stations/storage for:
cutting table
threads: both domestic sewing & longarm
storage for books
storage for fabrics
scrap fabrics
scrap batting
Rulers both longarm and piecing
marking pencils, pens
scissors, blades
Customer's quilts
My quilts....
Let's focus on scrap batting: I think I would like to begin a couple of "quilt as you go projects".  But, do I go and cut all the batting pieces down to say 12 1/2", 10 1/2", 8 1/2" or 6 1/2" squares? And have them in a nice bin to just grab and go? Hmmm.... Or should I have a variety of sizes to work with. I love the quilt as you go concept and you can use up your scraps both batting and fabric.
I was also noticing in my sewing room that I have too many UFO's that I started and well I know I am not going to finish least in the original pattern intentions. For example: I have 2 Shakespeare in the Park quilts in pieces stored in a plastic storage bin. I know for a fact I cut some of the units wrong...that was why I gave up. Soooo, I have all these pieces...what am I going to do with these? I know! I'm going to make some Quilt as you Go projects from them. I can make tablerunners, table toppers...pillow coverings...small wall hangings..why not?!
My point to all this is I need a better organization system! I find that my room is too crowded and I cannot get to things without stumbling, pulling things off the shelf as I pass, knocking things know what I mean. It is time to attack!
Now my Gammill is gone. I'm waiting on my Innova to arrive. I have space to move things around before my new machine arrives. I believe it is time to attack. So what do you say? Time to attack? I believe so! Wish me luck! I think I will have some breakfast first....

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